Mental Health Work Salary Report

What is the average psychiatry salary? collected responses for its Annual Salary and Employment Survey during August and September of 2022. The survey participants encompass physicians and advanced practice providers engaged in locum tenens work, as well as those in permanent roles. The compensation findings focus exclusively on full-time, permanent employees and take into account their annual salary and bonuses.

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Average psychiatrist salary in 2022


How does this year's salary for psychiatrists compare to other years?

The average psychiatric physician’s salary shows change over time (having declined 14% since the beginning of the pandemic), but remains higher than it was in recent years after a period of overall growth. As telehealth became a reality for many patients during the pandemic, psychiatry has proven to be particularly suited for diagnosing and prescribing via videoconferencing sessions.

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What is the salary for a neurologist? conducted its Annual Salary and Employment Survey in August and September 2022. Survey respondents include neurologists who practice on a locum tenens basis as well as those with permanent salaries. Compensation results consist of only full-time, permanent employees and consider only annual salary and bonuses.

Average neurologist salary in 2022


How does this year's salary for neurologists compare to other years?

The neurology shortage has been cast into stark relief by a combination of patient decline during the pandemic plus an industry-wide trend of physicians leaving the workforce at earlier ages, and not enough new neurologists entering it. Demand for qualified neurologists is outpacing the available workforce as labor shortages abound. Additionally, a trend of sub-specialization contributes to gaps in the neurological care that hospitals and practices can offer.

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