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First Prescription Video Game Can Help Kids with ADHD and One Day Depression

Akili Interactive Labs may have found the answer to parents wanting an alternative to prescription medicines for children with ADHD. A new video game has been developed and is in the late stages of their study that targets specific neurological pathways. These pathways enable controls of impulsivity and attention. The video game had good results when compared to a placebo video game.  Akili is also in the beginning stages of a study to see if a similar video game can assist adults with depression.

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New Method to Quickly Screen for Medications Can Help Monitor Patients

As the drug abuse crisis is becoming a larger problem in the United States, researchers from McMaster University have developed a more advanced drug screening process to combat the issue. This new technique will allow multiple drug tests to be done at once that can more accurately identify drugs like fentanyl and other common medications prescribed to mental health patients. Doctors will also be able to use this screening test to identify correct dosages taken.

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AAP Announces New Guidelines for Annual Depression Screening

The American Academy of Pediatrics has just announced new guidelines for screening for depression in adolescents. The Academy recommends screening everyone over the age of 12 at least once a year. They suggest questionnaires for the teens to fill out since most teenagers are uncomfortable answering some of the questions face to face. Two out of three teenagers that are depressed do not get treatment and pediatricians are hopeful these new recommendations will help.

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New Study Compares Prazosin to Placebos

After a new study on prazosin, a common drug to help with PTSD, Department of Veterans Affairs researchers are now comparing the drug to placebos. A six month study saw only minor improvements in sleep quality and the occurrence of nightmares for both prazosin and placebo test groups. Despite the new study, there still is evidence from six different studies that shows the drug works. Doctors are still encouraged to talk to their patients to determine the best treatment for them.

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Can Technology Keep the Elderly Comapny?

Getting older has never been easy. Elderly people often times find themselves lonely as friends and family begin to pass away around them. Many feel like a burden as they become more dependent on people around them. New technologies have begun to flood the market like Amazon's Alexa, Google Home and the HomePod that are changing their lives. Many now use voice- assistive technologies to keep them company every day. The technology can also be used with various apps that can monitor their actives, overall wellbeing and medications.

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