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Evolve Healthcare seeks LCSWs for 3 Part Time positions in Tehachapi, San Luis Obispo and San Diego to work in CDCR facilities:
LICENSED CLINICAL SOCIAL WORKER (LCSW) Qualification Requirements 1. LCSWs assigned to CDCR must have the minimum experience as follow: Minimum of twelve (12) continuous months of experience within the last three (3) years performing services similar in scope to those defined herein, in a public or private institution. Internship does not count 6towards the required experience. 2. All LCSWs must have the required licenses, permits and/or certifications noted herein. 3. Patient-inmate healthcare is of paramount importance. Accuracy in communications is critical to ensure timely, correct care is provided. Therefore, any LCSW providing services through this Agreement must be proficient in the English language and be able to communicate effectively with CDCR/CCHCS. All LCSWs must be able to speak understand oral and written communication and write effectively in the English language.
Partial List of Duties: The LCSW must be able to work in conditions that require all of the following essential functions: a. Periodically serves as clinician-of-the-day by being available for on-call during scheduled work days for patient emergencies; b. Conducts initial mental health evaluations including criminal, psychological, and substance abuse case history to assess inmate’s current needs and make treatment recommendations in the initial evaluation; c. Conducts clinically sound suicide risk evaluations including clinical review, applying suicide risk assessment protocols, pertinent data/chart reviews, proper documentation and consultations as needed; d. Meets with mentally ill patient-inmates/youths for crisis intervention, group psychotherapy, face-to-face interviews, etc. May be required to provide clinical, face-to-face interviews at cell fronts in inmate housing units. In some institutions, multi-tiered housing units

  • DAYS 2X10s
  • Excellent Supplemental 1099 Income
  • Sat/Sun or Any 2 Weekdays

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