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How to Write a Job Posting that will be Noticed

  1. Write a catchy headline
    Pick one feature of your hospital or clinic, the job or the location that is exciting or unique and likely to attract applicants. For instance, if the job will have no call, mention that. Or if your hospital was recently named a top place to work, feature that in the headline. Are you located near an exciting metropolitan area or a gorgeous mountain setting? By all means, say it in the headline.
  2. Make sure your job posting includes a lot of specific details.
    Salary: Adding compensation details significantly increases the response rate. Make sure the salary range is competitive by benchmarking it against compensation survey data.
    • Job details: Be as specific as possible. This will allow applicants to better evaluate whether your position is a good match for them and will increase the number of responses you get. Include your requirements for qualified candidates, e.g., board certifications, modalities or skills that they should have. Include information about the facility: whether it is inpatient or outpatient, the number of beds, whether you use an EMR. Make sure to also describe the case mix, patient population and call requirements. Define the scope of the job: the start date, hours and length of the assignment.
    • Location: Include a description of the city or town where the job is located. Mental health workers will like knowing what they'll be able to do in the area when they are not working. Make sure you mention arts and culture, outdoor activities, tourist destinations and family attractions. If there are unique geographic features like mountains, lakes or rivers, make sure to mention those, too. If your region has an especially favorable cost of living, you can mention that, too. Applicants will get a sense that your town will give them a comfortable lifestyle.
    • Contact information: You can rely on the anonymous email function of the job board, but you will dramatically increase your responses if you include a phone number and email address where applicants can reach you with questions. Not including contact information significantly reduces the number of responses you will receive.
  3. Keep your job posting updated.
    Make sure you refresh your job frequently. Keeping your job updated keeps it near the top of the search results. The higher in the search your job is, the more likely it will be seen.