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Behavioral Health Therapist
The provisionally licensed Behavioral Health Therapist, under supervision, collects and documents information about clients from community providers and interviews, observes, and tests clients to evaluate their physical or mental conditions.

Recommended Education and Experience for Full Performance
Licensure in New Mexico as an LMSW, LISW, LMHC, LMFT, LPCC, LCSW, or LPAT and one (1) year of experience as it pertains to the essential duties and responsibilities of the classification.

Minimum Qualifications
Licensure in New Mexico as an LMSW, LISW, LCSW, or temporary licensure in New Mexico as an LPCC, LMHC, LMFT, or LPAT.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
• Provide written document of counseling sessions, assessments, interventions, and recommendations for providers and to meet requirements for medical records documentation.
• Assess patients for risk of suicide attempts or oversees that community providers do so.
• Counsels individuals, groups, families, or communities regarding issues including mental health, poverty, unemployment, substance abuse, physical abuse, rehabilitation, social adjustment, child care, or medical care.
• Collects and documents information about clients through staffing with community providers, probation parole officers, interviews, observation and tests to evaluate clients' physical or mental condition.
• Plan, implement, and document follow-up and aftercare programs for clients to be discharged from treatment programs in consultation with community providers.
• Refer clients or oversee that community providers refer clients to community resources for services such as job placement, debt counseling, legal aid, housing, medical treatment, or financial assistance, and provide concrete information, such as where to go and how to apply.
• Maintain and update professional knowledge and proficiency through continuing education, staff meetings, attends weekly supervision and evaluations.

  • Full-time
  • On-site

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