IA state licensed therapist working with first responders

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Job description

Provide mental health services to first responders and families to impact changes leading to growth and healing. Focus needs to include trauma. Specialties can include substance use, couples or children therapy.

Create and continuously review and update program participants’ symptoms and behaviors and adjust treatment/program and safety plan and required documentation accordingly.
Maintain accurate, electronic clinical records of services provided per established by foundation and HIPPA standards. Complete documentation within established timeframes, including collecting appropriate signatures, registration forms, etc. Sign off, discharge per program plan.
Timely completion of any provider enrollment forms and reports needed for third party payers or other outside entities.
Develop a positive working relationship with agencies throughout Iowa, including fire, EMS, law enforcement, corrections, dispatch, and medical personnel.
Assist in the promotion of First Responders Foundation mission, services, workshops, and trainings.

  • Up to 40hrs/wk
  • Must show cultural competence involving first responders.

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