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Job Description: The dynamic Mental Health Professional brings a high level of professionalism and dedication to the support of individuals living with HIV or AIDS (PLWH). This role involves conducting thorough mental health assessments, orchestrating individual and group sessions, and devising and executing treatment plans and goals. The counselor consistently engages in referrals and demonstrates adept coordination with various mental health professionals, including psychiatrists, and community-based agencies. The counselor will also play a proactive role in creating and executing innovative mental health programs, contributing to the continuous enhancement of our care initiatives. This commitment to professionalism ensures the delivery of comprehensive and effective mental health care for our clients.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Provide mental health assessments, develop and implement treatment plans/goals, provide referrals and coordinate with other mental health professionals and allied treatment providers, to include psychiatrists and other community-based agencies.
2. Perform individual and group sessions including preparing materials for sessions.
3. Propose, design, and implement new counseling programs to address emerging mental health needs in conjunction with the department director.
4. Have a fundamental understanding of DSM 5, or its successor, psychiatric disorders, psychotropic medications, brain physiology and demonstrate a working knowledge of the various theoretical models of psychotherapy, behavioral counseling and other Evidenced Based Practices.
5. Advocate for clients within the mental health system and assist in accessing resources.
6. Maintain a safe, orderly and therapeutic physical environment for clients including crisis intervention.
7. Adhere to ethical standards and legal regulations governing mental health counseling.

  • Full-time
  • No fee for service billing

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