Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW) Tampa, FL

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Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW) Tampa, FL

We are looking for a compassionate, qualified Licensed Certified Social Worker to join us full time on a hybrid basis in Tampa, FL area. The Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) will be coming in to deliver clinical care services for residents in Senior Living Communities (SLCs) in the Tampa area in collaboration with community providers. As the LCSW, you will establish positive, professional collaborative relationships with SLCs and PCPs in program/ service development, resident care coordination and provide direct clinical care to residents. We will provide seamless care coordination for our care teams, SLCs, PCPs, residents, and their families.

Primary duties will be assisting older adults with challenges related to mental health, aging, and support seniors in managing health care, planning for long-term care, and maintaining a good quality of life. Your direct-patient care role will be providing brief clinical interviews, solution-focused interventions, care coordination and engagement, and community resource navigator. This is a partially remote position, when not providing direct patient care in facilities, work (calling/ messaging/ coordinating) can be done at home.


● Manage a panel of patients in Senior Living Communities (SLCs) with mild to moderate behavioral health conditions in close collaboration with the primary care provider (reviewing patients' charts and intake information, conducting initial visits with residents in SLC, and creating care goals)
● Create and maintain positive, professional relationships with SLC clinical and operational staff and PCPs
● Review and provide program workflow and development feedback to the company
● Provide brief interventions using evidence-based techniques such as behavioral health activation, problem-solving treatment, motivational interviewing, goal setting, and other treatments appropriate for residents in SLCs
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